Singer-songwriter, Bryan Lanning, lives in Temecula, CA with his wife and 2 boys, where he works full-time writing, producing, and performing music. Bryan has been singing since he was walking and, for the last 5 years, has been making a name for himself by releasing music independently and playing shows across the nation. His debut single, "This Is Home" has been streamed over 9 million times, and his first EP "Like A Lion" premiered at #2 on the iTunes charts.

Bryan’s new music is inspired by the 90’s Country Rock he grew up on--with smart storytelling, witty wordplay, and strong vocals. Rascal Flats, Dan + Shay, and Sam Hunt are all musical inspirations that have helped shape his sound. Staying true to his country roots, the album is being produced using live recording techniques at his personal music studio, Cali Co., with Daniel Martin joining him at the head of the project.

In 2015, he formed a media company that manages a team of employees creating content for YouTube, Instagram, and various brands. He’s also currently working as a social media influencer, promoting brands and causes he’s passionate about.