Tyler Wirtz is a musician, producer, and recording engineer based in Orange County, CA. For the past 15 years, Tyler has been playing instruments, performing, and working behind the scenes in the studio. After earning his BS in Recording Arts at Full Sail University, he immediately set off to California to pursue his music career. Tyler's passion is to help artists and songwriters create unique productions fit for commercial release and placements. Over the years, Tyler has worked across a breadth of different styles and genres but has recently found his home in contemporary Pop & EDM.

Aside from working with other artists, helping them develop their sound, Tyler is also pushing his own artist project under the name CakeKnife. This project takes inspiration from a variety of different Pop and EDM genres, blending different styles and pulling them together for a fresh and unique sound. 


In 2018 Tyler formed a small community for artists, songwriters, and producers called Future EDM an effort to give back and help provide a positive space for like-minded individuals to come together, network, and grow.